Conference Parking

Dear MIFlip Participants.  Please park and enter the building from the parking lot that faces 84th Street.  We are also hosting a wrestling tournament tomorrow and they will be using the lot facing Burlingame.

If you are coming from the east from US 131 turn on Alles Drive (the one West of Clyde Park Avenue) and enter the High School parking lot that way.  If you are coming from the west from Byron Center go past Burlingame (stoplight) and turn right on Alles drive and enter the High School parking lot that way.

We are looking forward to a great day of learning and networking.

The Schedule In Detail

Today’s Schedule


Keynote: Steve Kelly and Zach Creswell- Top Ten tips and tricks for creating a quality flipped learning environment.

9:45-10:30 Featured Speakers

Room 301/302  Flipping 101 by Brian Bennett and David Fouch

Room 305 The Places You’ll Go From Flipping 101 to Flipping 2.0 Jason Bretzman When you start flipping, you will see positive changes for you and your students. What are your next steps? What options do you have to go further? Join new and veteran flipclass teachers for a participatory discussion of moving toward a flipped mindset and Flipping 2.0

Room 308  TechSmith Screencasting 1 on 1 Help

Room 425  Flipped Mastery  Dan Spencer and Karl Lindgren Striecher

Room 427  The iPad Flipped Classroom Tara Maynard Keeping with the theme of the conference “moving beyond the video” this session will look at using iBooks Author to create interactive, social, flexible, media-rich learning experiences for an iPad environment.

Room 428  Creating a Digital/Flip Learning Environment  David Prindle

Room 430  Relationships and Communicating in the 21st Century Jeremy Qualls We will show from an administrative and teachers point of view of how to cultivate relationships with traditional data tracking notebooks, online applications and face to face interactions. Communication between a school and all of its stakeholders in one of the most important, and overlooked aspects of administration. Let us share some methods that we have found to be cutting edge and efficient in reporting activities and success stories that happen inside the school builiding.

Room 432  Using the Explore, Flip, Apply Model  George Phillip In my session, I will demonstrate how the Explore, Flip, Apply model of teaching use inquiry to captivate, engage, and motivate students in their learning. I will share projects across multiple disciplines and mishaps along the way.

11:00-11:45 EdCamp Sessions/Featured Speakers

Room 301/302  TBA

Room 305 Flipping with or without Tech.  Steve Durant Flipping your class is easier than you think. You don’t need a one to one or byot to do it right. This session will show you how

Room 308 TechSmith Screencasting 1 on 1 Help

Room 425 TBA

Room 427 How We Flipped The Script  Sarah Thomas via GHO In this session, I will share how I used flipping in my classroom. Flipping incorporates prerecorded video lessons, created by either the teacher or student(s). It has transformed teaching by meeting our “digital natives” halfway, helping them to grasp concepts on their terms, using their devices. By the end of the session, participants will be familiar with this innovative technology, and have ideas of how to start implementing it in their classrooms.

Room 428 Flipped the Chemistry Classroom and Lab  Adam Held & Sonya Birazian  Sonya and I are both first year flippers, and we have been working together to flip our chemistry classrooms and labs. We have had great success with the flipped approach, and would like to share and encourage others that are thinking of flipping their own science classrooms and labs. In addition, I have been differentiating my classroom, using the flipped videos to allow the students to work at their own pace. I have some tips for anyone that is thinking of setting up a flipped AND differentiated science classroom. Participants are asked to download the app Nearpod if possible.

Room 430 TBA

Room 432 TBA

11:45-12:45  Lunch/Networking in Media Center and 301/302

12:45-1:30 EdCamp Session

Room 301/303  Student Panel  Delia Bush

Room 305 TBA

Room 308  TechSmith Screencasting 1 on 1 Help

Room 425  TechSmith Relay Sneak Peek

Room 427  Blended Learning in the Classroom Anne Thorp

Room 428  TBA

Room 430  TBA

Room 432  TBA

1:45-2:30  Featured Speakers

Room 301/303  Social Studies David Fouch, Karl Lindgren Striecher, Jason Bretzman, George Phillip

Room 305 Math  Steve Kelly, Zach Cresswell and Tara Maynard

Room 308  TechSmith Screencasting 1 on 1 Help

Room 425  English Cheryl Morris and Andrew Thomasson via a GHO on the Air

Room 500  Flipping The Visual Arts  Greg Reinstein

Room 428  Science Brian Bennett and Doug Ragan

Room 430  Elementary Delia Bush and Erin Klein

Room 432  Administration  Flipped PD  Dan Spencer

2nd #MIFlip Conference Schedule and Registration Link

Register HERE

Map To Byron Center High School


MIFlip Conference Schedule is ready

The 2nd Annual Michigan Flip Teaching Conference session schedule is up.  Those sessions marked open are edcamp style sessions to be filled the day of the conference.  Click HERE for the schedule.

The 2nd Annual #MIFlip Conference Update

This year the 2nd Annual Michigan Flip Teaching Conference will be held again at Byron Center High School on January18, 2014.  This is a free event for everyone and you can reserve tickets here.  The #MIFlip conference is a hybrid conference.  We will have an opening keynote by Steve Kelly and Zac Cresswell called Creating a learning centered environment via flipped learning.  During the conference we will have featured speaker sessions and you can submit your proposal here. The other sessions will be EdCamp style.  Lunch will be provided.  This years theme is Flipping 2.o Beyond The Video.  Follow us on Twitter @MIFlip.

MIFlip 2014 Beyond The Video

The 2nd Annual Michigan Flip Teaching Conference also known as MIFlip 2014 is coming to Byron Center High School January 18, 2014.

The format is part un-conference and part featured sessions.  What this mean is there are two one hour featured speaker sessions selected by the committee.  Very soon we will be announcing a request for speakers.

The other 2 sessions are created by you in the way of EdCamp.  We will have sessions for all subjects and all levels (K-16).

Our Keynote this year will be by Steve Kelly and Zach Cresswell about Collaborative Flipping.

This years theme is “Beyond The Video”

Register for the conference HERE…..It’s FREE

Stay tuned to this website for more details.

Registration is Now Open For MIFlip2014

Register here for the 2014 MIFlip Teaching Conference at Byron Center High School January 18, 2014

Request For Session Proposals Coming Soon

We will be sending out a request for session proposals very soon.  Please watch this website or follow @MIFlip on Twitter

MIFlip 2014 Date and Location Is Set!

The 2nd Annual Michigan Flip Teaching Conference is scheduled for January 18, 2014 at Byron Center High School in Byron Center.

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